Tanks and Accessories

Expansion Tanks


Expansion tanks are equipped with hygienic bladders in special rubber against heat and aging which are resistant up to 110 °C. Supplied in 10 bars and 16 bars versions.

Storage Tanks for Hot or Chilled Water


SAC Tanks are used for storing DHW in domestic applications. Systems using these tanks provide instantaneous heat exchangers that are upstream to the tank to heat the cold water from the city mains. The DHW is stored in the SAC cylinders and available on demand.


The key element of the Feed-Ex system is a transfer/control pumping package which controls the movement of water between the heating or chilled water system and a stainless steel storage tank at atmospheric pressure. Feed-Ex system also automatically introduces make up water as required.
- Maintains pressure in closed circuits exposed to temperature variations.
- Allows automatic or manual filling of an installation via a tank, isolating the circuit from the town water supply.
- For hot water heating circuits (VDI 2035) and chilled-water circuits (up to 40% glycol).

Hot Water Cylinders

These water heaters, that are produced according to European Standard (Pr EN 12897),
- Hygienic because areas, that come into contact with water, are double enamel coated.
- 50 mm Polyurethane insulated at the capacity between 100-600 lt.
- Electrostatics powder painted cover on galvanized plate at the capacity between 100-600 lt., special winlex cover at the capacity between 800-3000 lt.
- Cathodic anode protection.
- Electrical resistance as optional.
- 10 bar operating pressure.

Plate Heat Exchangers


M series plate heat exchangers provide highly efficient heat transfer by forming highly turbulent flow. While causing a turbulent flow, the design of the heat transfer plates allows for low pressure losses for the fluids.